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One of my first memories of a beautiful scent was the rich, heady aroma of the sunny frangipani flowers growing in our tropical backyard. My childhood was spent surrounded by a profusion of lush, showy, exotic plants. These grew almost wild in the heat. And we also carefully nurtured heritage roses, carnations and cottage garden flowers along with a vegetable patch.

I have always appreciated the fragrances of nature’s garden and I discovered a world of exotic, amazing aromas as I travelled the world.

A strong fifth sense, the sense of smell, and awe of the healing power of plants led me to complete professional studies in aromatherapy and perfumery. I also have diverse qualifications in natural therapies. I became immersed in making natural skincare and creating natural products. I am an avid reader and student so devoured all the books on the subjects and enrolled in many courses, in-person and online, on creating perfume and also in aromatherapy, natural products, herbal medicine, growing herbs and fragrant plants, and meditation teacher training.

A whole world blossomed of organic, natural plant-powered essential oils, carrier oils, plant butters, waxes, herbs, flowers and a vast range of healing natural ingredients. I follow my ‘nose’ along that pathway to learn more of the wisdom of the plant and also train my nose to think like a perfumer.

Scent inspires that journey. I am always learning about the raw materials and methods of blending to create a synergy of aromas and experimenting with different methods of formulation. Along the way I have gained experience working with aromatic raw materials. I am constantly in awe of the vast beauty of the scents of nature and the benefits of natural remedies.

Learning to make your own perfumes connects you to the essential heart of the plant and nature. I invite you to enter this magical world of scent.

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