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Natural Perfume Course

Natural Perfume Course
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Natural Perfume Course

Learn the basics of perfumery. An online course to learn how to make your own perfume. This course demystifies the process of making your own scents for yourself and family and friends for fun and profit. Or it can provide the knowledge and inspiration to launch your own perfume brand.

The step-by step program will enable you to gain confidence in creating your own perfumes.

The history of perfume
The sense of smell
How to train your ‘nose’ to smell like a professional
The raw materials
Extraction methods for perfume materials and why they are important
The structure of perfume
Perfume notes
Fragrance families and the natural palette
Types of perfume
Equipment for your home lab
Putting it all together
Making your own perfume ‘juice’

If you are wanting to delve deeper into the more technical aspects of perfumery, there are Advanced Courses coming.

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