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Scentory Journey: Appreciate Your Materials

Scentory Journey: Appreciate Your Materials
Scentory Journey: Appreciate Your Materials

An immersive sensory experience to appreciate the amazing aromas of the raw materials which are used to make perfumes. Awaken your sense of smell and train your nose to smell like a professional perfumer.

The session will look at the olfactory system, how to smell like a “nose”, tools of the trade and to access classic raw materials used in perfumery.

This is a guided scent journey to experience beautiful raw materials used in making a fragrance.

Learn about the major perfume families, notes and accords.

Start your scent journey to appreciate and heighten your awareness of aroma. All levels of experience are welcome. You may have dabbled in perfume creation, aromatherapy, homemade skincare products or be working in the beauty and spa industry, the session will expand your aroma palette and enhance your scent ability.

The session includes all materials and equipment, plus tea, coffee and snacks.

3 hours

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